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 my mod application

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PostSubject: my mod application   Sun Jul 19, 2009 8:21 am

place im applyng for [x] in the box


2. how long i have been playing:1year

3. what would i do as staff: i would help people not brake the rules and inforce the rules over the pst days i have been mod and i would help people with membeship and if im not on ill be thinking of whays to improve the site evven if its yoputube vids.

4.why should we pick you over someone else: I think you should pick me becouse i would not fool around when im mod i willgo strait to the issues i wuld log off for 3-4 hours then i would come back and start helpng.

5. Eny skills about your self: my skills are i know how to code very well i have made games with over 300 subscribers so i can make lots of vids for this game i stop playing my own server that i made becouse i love this game to much that i would do enything for mod i dont dupe to get my money i do barrows to get my money and if im not doing barrows ill hep obby and people with vidsto get mor people playing. thank you for letting me have a chance i i hope i make mod !!! :cloud
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PostSubject: Re: my mod application   Mon Jul 20, 2009 9:39 pm

GL Cloud
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my mod application
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